My way of love has always been my weakness.
So I vowed never to sing of it again.
For as long and loud as I have sang, no one seems to understand my version of this old desolate song.
Anytime I try singing, it only comes back as echoes to no one’s understanding but me.
“Maybe the gods never created my eve”, I will sometimes wonder.
Moments came when my voice would give up.
But deep in my prayers, an angel’s whisper urges me to keep singing.
On and on I kept this version playing.
Hoping to find someone to decipher this codes I transmit in keys and notes.
Someone to understand my apparent unintelligible verses. Someone to smile and dance to my tune of love……..
On this divine quest I sang on.
And lo!, from nowhere emerged this Empress.
With a complimentary lullaby that I realize gave meaning to my song.
Promising to lay my weakness to a blissful sleep.
With dreams filled with daylight drums of joy.
She immediately dissolved my weakness and became my strength……..
I quickly asked a duo of us
But my hopes lingered when she said the stars had aligned her lullaby with a different song.
She loves my song but unable to sing with me.
She also realized we are like Siamese and we’ll go platinum together.
But she feared offending the gods of the stars.
I have now become an innocent eternal prisoner to her love.
She is now my new weakness again.
For she killed my previous weakness and became my new weakness.
You see, Its not her beauty but her real self is the sting of love that keeps sinking deep into the soft tissue of my innocent heart each day that passes by.
I pray the gods daily to align the stars in my favor.
So she never doubt this aching of my heart.
Since nobody can bear to hear the burden of my song but her.
I will give thanks to the gods come that day.
For I will say I sang of my weakness and only this Empress could relate to it.
And changed my cacophonous song to sweet melody, Replaced my thunder with tinkling laughter
And Lightening to twinkling eyes……….
But until that day, she still remains my WEAKNESS.



I love GOD for His wonderful creation and a perfect ecosystem for MANKIND

I love MANKIND when i see them living in harmony and PEACE

I love PEACE that is sustainable and not characterized by any intermittent outbreak of WAR

I love WAR if the aim is to restore peace,liberty,human right and JUSTICE

I love JUSTICE that is given to all equitably without consideration of tribe,gender,status,race or RELIGION

I love a RELIGION that gives an unquestionable answer to the purpose of LIFE

I love LIFE that is simple and BEAUTIFUL

I love BEAUTY that does not only reside in the eye of the beholder…

so that you don’t look at her,him or me and tell me that i am ugly…

for your definition of beauty may be the definition of ugly to some VIEWS

I love VIEWS for they breed consensus from diverse MINDS

I love MINDS that are constantly fed with KNOWLEDGE

I love KNOWLEDGE for it is the tool for DEVELOPMENT

I love DEVELOPMENT that changes for the better,the lives of the ordinary PEOPLE

I love PEOPLE, for we are but MORTALS,therefore, we need to love one another before we surrender to MORTALITY… Let us love for the right reasons and shun hatred.

These are what I love!!!!!!!!!!