And if tonight…
…You see me doing a tortoise match with my words,
It is not because I am the tortoise’s match
It is because my soul is overwhelmed with thoughts of life…..
And so I ponder.

For if tonight…
…My soul should find her peace in sleep and sink in good oblivion
And in the morning wake like a new-opened flower…..
…Then I know that I have been dipped again in God…a new creature

And if as the weeks go by in the count of the moon my spirit darkens and brightens
And a soft strange silence pervades my movement and my thought and my words…so wise
Then I…
…Shall know that I am walking still…..with Guidance on my side.

And if as the seasons rises and falls
I feel the pain of falling leaves
And stems that break in storms and troubles and dissolution and distress…
And then the softness of deep shadows folding,
…And folding around my soul and spirit…so weak

And if in the changing phases of man’s life
I fall sick and in misery and my wrist seem broken and my heart seems dead and strength is gone and my life is only a leavings of life…
Then I….
…Shall know that I have indeed lived to witness the divine truth…
Karma has been a faithful friend
Time…a trusted ally
The Grace of God…the ultimate gift of breath…
Then I shall sing praises unto high and smile
As I watch and count  my last breath tick tock me away  into eternal silence…….







I yearn to tell of a story
But it’s a long story….
…Very long…
Like a tall storey of story stacked in history’s lorry loitering down a lane filled with mystery…
This story,
…Is such a long story
It is a story of the beginning and the word
And the words piled up to form this story
This story hold the answers to all your questions but this story confuses you the more it tries to answer you
This story…
…The story I yearn to tell…
Is such a long confusing story…
Like a web weaved of words called the World Wide Web
You can Google this story but Google would return with thousands of answers
Because this story is such a long story
It’s a story which intends to tell the truth but hides the truth
‘Cos part of this story is a false fable fabricated and agreed upon
This story doesn’t repeat itself but this story sometimes rhymes
And so you and I know and don’t know the truth of this story
This story,
I say…
…Is such a long winding story….
Like the stories of Ananse’s tactfully tainted tales
Like the printed pages of past parables of disciples scribbled in feeble fables and forced down the throats of innocent men..
This story, is a guide and a misguidance at the same time
This story has saved and destroyed men
This story keeps reminding us of the past
And this story promises answers for the future….
This story that I yearn to tell you….
…Is a very very long story…..

This story shall never end because….
This story is still being lived,
This story is still being told
And this story is still being written…
…Because this story is a combination of your story, her story, their story, my story and “HIS’STORY”
And so we call this story “HISTORY”
And “HISTORY” is such a long story……






Say No, No, No!…

Say it, I mean it

Say it and don’t hesitate

No is next to the shortest word in the English language

It is the concentrated declaration of independence of the human soul

It is the central citadel of character and can remain impregnable forever

It is the only path to reformation

It is the steel guard of strength, the pyrometer of temperament, the electric indicator of moral pulse…

It is an automatic “safety first” device

Say it, I mean it

Say it and don’t hesitate

It has saved more women from losing their pride on several nights of Calvary

It has kept millions of young men from the peer pressures of drunkenness, promiscuity and passion

It is the lone guard of the castle of self respect

It is the dragon that guards beauty’s tower

It is the high fence that preserves the innocence of the


Say it, I mean it

Say it and don’t hesitate

It is the thick wall of the home… keeping the father from fallen, the mother from indiscretion, the boys from weed and

the girls from shame

It is the one word you can only say when you can’t think of

anything else

“NO”, is the new found power of the soul

Say it, I mean it

Say it and look your man in the eye

The woman who can say “NO”, carries her big breast ashore

Say it and don’t hesitate

A good round “NO”, is the most effective tool for breaking the limits of human weakness

In the great parliament of life, the “NO”s have it

They determine what should be and what should not

So say it, I mean it

Say it and don’t hesitate

Say it and look your demons in the eye…

Remember NO is change and change is NO

In the absence of “NO”s, nothing changes, nothing, nothing….

The status quo would remain unchallenged

The guinea worm would still burrow into marrows

Evil will still feed on apathy

Nothing would change, nothing, nothing at all….

Countless hails of “NO” ended slavery, colonialism and apartheid

Say it, I mean it

To be outstanding is determined by the number of “NO”s that primes

Nkrumah said it

Rosa parks said it

Mandela said it

Marcus Garvey said it

Great leaders said it and caused the wind of change to blow….

So say it!

The value of any year you alter is measured by the number of “NO”s that binds

Live your own life, make your own resolutions, mark-up your own program, aim at your own work, determine your own

contacts and plant all round “NO”s….an impregnable hedge of “NO”s with the single undisputable, untouchable syllable…”NO”!!!

Say “YES” only when it matters most

But the “No-man” I say progresses under his own wings

He is not pushed around or ordered about

So say it and stand your grounds

Say it and cause a great change in your life and that of mankind

Say it and don’t hesitate

Say it,

say it and

say it again…

TELL THEM…(my tribute to J.E.A MILLS)

If they ever ask you why we grieve this day

If they ever ask you why we clad ourselves in blacks and reds
If they ever ask you why we cry endlessly in unison,…
Tell them

Tell them neither the heavens nor the earth is at peace this day
Tell them

Tell them when the gods, on the eve of July 24th promised us the sight of the morrow,
They failed to devoid it of sorrow…
Tell them
Tell them we woke up that day but the life of a great one, we could no longer borrow….
Tell them
Tell them the big tree that houses the birds in the forest has fallen
Tell them the mighty oak tree in the ever depleting forest of great men has fallen
Tell them
Tell them every feet this day bare testimony to the hotness of the sun
Tell them our differences matters not this day
For we’v lost a great one
Tell them about that day July 24th
The day the sun didn’t, couldn’t shine
The day the wind held still like a steel
The day the clouds wept ‘cos it could no longer contain it burden…
Oh what a day that day was
The day our better half became our bitter half
The day we said to that man of peace…”Rest in peace”
The day that would forever linger in the sands of time
Tell them we testify this day to the common saying that good things last not longer
Tell them the great prof, the man of peace has joined the ancestors
And so this day we grieve, or else hear grief
We see tears, or else our own
Tell them Africa mourns the life of that great leader
Tell them to join us in saying….
Demirifa du3, du3, du3…May His soul rest in eternal peace!!!


The divine order that governs this ecosystem of life made men unequal

Some powerful, strong, rich…

Others powerless, weak and poor

The latter’s source of livelihood… A distant dream

A distant dream never meant to be

For the order is not meaningless

There is a preordained responsibility that should flow through this order

It is a responsibility of charity

That through charity;

The powerful shall safeguard the interest of the powerless

The strong protect the weak

The rich provide for the poor….

For in truth, it is life that gives unto life

But charity has become an unsung anthem measured by redemption

It has become a slave seeking emancipation

It has become an activity left for the few soft-hearted

So, once again, we’ve come to preach its rectitude

We’ve come to ask;

That in your own small way, what have you given to help uplift the less privileged in your society?

What have you done today to change a life for the better?

You need not have everything to be charitable

For charity is a virtue of the heart, not of the hand

Charity seeks to correct, not to ask why

Charity looks at the need, not the cause…

We may think we have little to give

We may want to acquire much wealth to give

But we may not have so long to live

And all we have shall someday be given;

Therefore, why don’t we give now, that the season of giving may be ours, not our inheritors

So that we, who deem ourselves givers are but witness

A man’s success is not measured by how much wealth he acquires

A man’s success is measured by his ability to impact on the lives of others

“It is good to give” so sayeth the scriptures

So if we can, let’s do each day a kindly deed

And stretch a hand to those in need…the poor, the sick, the disabled

Let us not make one man’s pain another’s pleasure

For a man’s trash could be another’s treasure

The smallest deed is exceedingly greater than the greatest intention

A dime could be a precious mineral to someone

A dime dropped into the ocean would cause ripples…

So, one life at a time, let’s help provide food,shelter and clothing to the poor

One life at a time, let’s help provide education to the less privileged

One life at a time, let’s help heal the sick and the dying

One life at a time, let’s lend a helping hand to the disabled

One life at a time, let’s help put a smile back on the faces of the deprived in our societies

One step, one goal, one life at a time, let’s help make this world a better place for everyone… Man, birds or beasts.