TELL THEM…(my tribute to J.E.A MILLS)

If they ever ask you why we grieve this day

If they ever ask you why we clad ourselves in blacks and reds
If they ever ask you why we cry endlessly in unison,…
Tell them

Tell them neither the heavens nor the earth is at peace this day
Tell them

Tell them when the gods, on the eve of July 24th promised us the sight of the morrow,
They failed to devoid it of sorrow…
Tell them
Tell them we woke up that day but the life of a great one, we could no longer borrow….
Tell them
Tell them the big tree that houses the birds in the forest has fallen
Tell them the mighty oak tree in the ever depleting forest of great men has fallen
Tell them
Tell them every feet this day bare testimony to the hotness of the sun
Tell them our differences matters not this day
For we’v lost a great one
Tell them about that day July 24th
The day the sun didn’t, couldn’t shine
The day the wind held still like a steel
The day the clouds wept ‘cos it could no longer contain it burden…
Oh what a day that day was
The day our better half became our bitter half
The day we said to that man of peace…”Rest in peace”
The day that would forever linger in the sands of time
Tell them we testify this day to the common saying that good things last not longer
Tell them the great prof, the man of peace has joined the ancestors
And so this day we grieve, or else hear grief
We see tears, or else our own
Tell them Africa mourns the life of that great leader
Tell them to join us in saying….
Demirifa du3, du3, du3…May His soul rest in eternal peace!!!