CARPE DIEM (Seize the Opportunity)


Seize the opportunity

I say…

Seize the opportunity.

I hear…

This words ringing in my ears day and night,

Urging me to step up and take up my game up when it comes up my way up….

Seize the opportunity.

So I…

Set up traps to trap and tap into opportunities as they come my way in my daily actions

I seize the opportunity.

‘Cos a wise man once told me that

That lady called opportunity cums but once

So I…

Prepared to cum quick and once when I chance on one

And I plan to make the moment worthy

I seize the opportunity……

Then I ejaculate into her so she bares me fruit.

So seize the opportunity

I say…

Seize the opportunity.

Zoom on it like a lion even if the opportunity is garbage

Do not wait for the best of times

For the worst of times and the best of times

Are all called TIME….

So make every moment in time worthy

Seize the opportunity

Your name might not be STEVE but remember you can also create JOBS

So do not always knock on peoples GATE begging for BILLS for you can also build billions of BILLS and GATE them like BILL GATE seized that MICRO opportunity…

Seize the opportunity.

Be smart for life they say is too short like a midget

But as midget as life may be

We cannot wear her high heels so she looks tall…

Life would forever remain short

So please…

Do not tell me “better late than never”

For “never late is better”…

Seize the opportunity.

Shoot, even if nothing is targeted

Move, even if the path is undefined

Define and find that fine path

And find that fine treasure and nurture

For opportunities are like seeds

They shall eventually become the greatest oaks in the wild





In my quest to find the link between mathematics

and poetry

I employed ratios and angles harmonic to both

I notice the curves and proportions of both

flawless to prove

I measured with care, from apex to base

The arcs and features they possess

Then framed correlated equations to trace their

flowing outlines and found the result very



I started by stating the problem at


Then I realize for a mathematician to conclude on

an equation y=mx+b,

He has to go through various stages

So I begun by employing variables such as


Then I did my additions of words and phrases into

lines and curves to form sentences

Then I substituted synonyms and antonyms, while

simultaneously doing my subtractions,

multiplications and divisions to minimize the long

equation of sentences

Two into one doesn’t go without a decimal

So I put two words into one to make it minimal

To beat your imaginations, I employ metaphorical

symbols such as x, y and z to represent other


Then I integrate similes and speech figures

If I realize my antiderivative doesn’t agree with

the answer to the theme,

Then it means I’ve left a constant,K=Dont deviate

I then incorporate styles to keep you in


By flipping words up-side down into fractions

And blending rationals and irrationals to make

you confuse momentarily

I later group like terms to give you meaning

If I wish to entertain you, I invoke the wonders of


Or I turn the angles at the base of the lines into

musical notes by making it run like the Fibonacci

sequence to rhyme in twos or more

I could also use pentagons to form my binary

rhythms of iambic pentameter

Or find the function of Y on X to give you a

romantic piece

I sometimes use whole numbers one, two,

three….to form stanzas


Then like the mathematician delight at the

elegance of proof,

By laying the “Golden ratio” on everything and see

it fit

And proving the world a sphere with a single


I prove to you perfectly like a rose, the equation of

a masterpiece;

Let M=x+y+z






Then I leave you to identify the variables x,y and z

from what you are reading

And further calculate using the formula given


To see if you just read a MASTERPIECE…..