Satellite Tv

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IImani Capital

IIMANI CAPITAL specialises in the installation, sale, repair & advice of satellite TV in Ghana. We have years of experience in installing both satellite & terrestrial TV in Accra & beyond. Our installations include extensive top end integrated systems in Homes, Hotels, Hostels, Apartments and work places.

Are you building/rebuilding/renovating your property? Talk to us before it’s too late! Often people don’t think about their TV cabling needs until they finish their project only to find they wish they had an extra cable/outlet/antenna. Often Ghanaian contractors will only install the minimum cabling which won’t offer you all the viewing choices you may desire. Contact us today to discuss your needs & wants. We are happy to consult/sell/install/advise/oversee your project.

Ready to go? If you already know what you want then please go straight to the Contact page & get in touch. We are always happy to serve you.

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