TABLE FOR TWO…….(rated P.G. reader discretion adviced)

Like a humble servant, eager to serve his master

I laid the table in the most alluring manner

That night, I was your waiter

Ready to serve you the best late night meal ever

I begun to whet your appetite with kisses made of tender

And the mildest of touch through the contours and valleys of your body beneath your dress

Up to the hills on your chest

Feeling the rhythm therein reverberate against my beating breast

My hands snaked further up to your ears, then to your crest

While you murmur…”yes”

Then we begun stripping off garments to undress

Then I spread you on that table for two

For to tango, it must take two

I reached out to the wet spot at the meeting of your thighs

The gateway to divine desires

You yearned and longed to feel me inside

I obliged and stuck my key into your ignition

And sparked a flame that burn so strong a passion

Your eyes went wide as if you’ve had a vision

And you led out a cry of ecstasy so loud

While I grind…within and without

Along the cardinal points…north and south

You grip me so tight

While I fired shots at the speed of light

Making you feel like a kite

Then I switched gears and hit the G-spot…taking you to apogee

Then you begun to speak…

love words,

Mad words,

Dream words,

Sweet senseless words,

Melodious like notes of mating birds…

Then finally, your easeful sigh of happiness gave me a cue…

…as you let go of your grip around my thew

That the night had shed her dew

On that table for two

Then I heard you ask if I shall love always

And myself answered; “Till the end of days”.



  1. Honestly, how could you not think that this was created at least partly for bonding? It’s such an intense and total experience that I don’t know how people can just be engaged in it like it’s nothing? It’s more than physical bonding – there is an emotional and spiritual bonding that occurs as well. Love the last two lines!

    “Then I heard you ask if I shall love always
    And myself answered; “Till the end of days”.

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