A’las, we were alone

Two love-birds

Looking into each other’s eye

Across our embrace

Hearts beating

Temperatures rising

Breathe rate inclining

Pulse rate elivating…

Eyes ablaze with faith and anticipation

Bodies lost in sweetness akin to ripe mangoes…

Then suddenly – there came a flash of dilenma…

…A momentarily battle…

Between the heart and the mind

Between perception and deception

Between curiosity and anxiety

Between biology and theology

Between consciousness and unconsciousness…

The heart tells us to proceed to coitus

The mind reminds us of morality

What do we do?

To be…

Or Not

To be…

That is the question!!!

But the heart’s rhythmic beating spoke louder than the mind

The mind’s remedy couldn’t cure us of the love potion we swallowed

The mind failed

The heart took control…





We danced to the captive music of that sensual seizure…???


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