I love GOD for His wonderful creation and a perfect ecosystem for MANKIND

I love MANKIND when i see them living in harmony and PEACE

I love PEACE that is sustainable and not characterized by any intermittent outbreak of WAR

I love WAR if the aim is to restore peace,liberty,human right and JUSTICE

I love JUSTICE that is given to all equitably without consideration of tribe,gender,status,race or RELIGION

I love a RELIGION that gives an unquestionable answer to the purpose of LIFE

I love LIFE that is simple and BEAUTIFUL

I love BEAUTY that does not only reside in the eye of the beholder…

so that you don’t look at her,him or me and tell me that i am ugly…

for your definition of beauty may be the definition of ugly to some VIEWS

I love VIEWS for they breed consensus from diverse MINDS

I love MINDS that are constantly fed with KNOWLEDGE

I love KNOWLEDGE for it is the tool for DEVELOPMENT

I love DEVELOPMENT that changes for the better,the lives of the ordinary PEOPLE

I love PEOPLE, for we are but MORTALS,therefore, we need to love one another before we surrender to MORTALITY… Let us love for the right reasons and shun hatred.

These are what I love!!!!!!!!!!